What is personal training vs. semi-personal? 

  • Nautilus Smith Trainer
  • Vision Fitness R20 Stationary Bike
  • LeMond Remaster Rowing Machine
  • Ivanko Free Weights (Including rack)
  • Nautilus Adjustable Fitness Bench
  • Tuff Stuff Evolution Stand​

Private Personal Training: 

One-on-one training that will help you break through barriers and increase motivation & success through accountability. As  certified Personal Trainers we are qualified to work with a diverse population including post rehabilitation, pre/post natal, athletes, diabetics, those with chronic pain (MS, fibromyalgia & arthritis), post cardiac rehabilitation as well as those looking to lose weight, increase muscle strength and build self-confidence.  

Semi Private Personal Training: 

Two or three is always better than one. Semi private training allows a group of friends, co-workers, and even mother-daughters combinations to workout together. Receive a tailored lesson plan for just the three of you. These sessions may include cardiovascular, resistance, and flexibility training depending on your goals. Whatever your goals may be let us help you reach them. These groups are maximum three people. ​

At-home workouts are a great way to fit exercise into your daily routine. If you want to stick with a consistent routine, having an actual program to follow can help keep you accountable and make sure you're getting the results you want out of the time you're putting in!

Come in for an hour consultation to perfect your home workout program.  The hour will include; fitness and flexibility testing, goals setting, workout preferences, etc.  These home workout programs will be individualized to your personal preferences! 

Don't hesitate, get yourself into your optimum health and book today! 

  • Fully personalized exercise program preference 
  • Private, Closed off facility
  • Central Location
  • Personal & Semi-Personal Training​

What does Optimum offer?

  • TRX Training
  • Unilateral Balance + Coordination Training
  • Plyometric Training
  • Cardiovascular Training​
  • ROM/Flexibility Improvement 
  • Pre and Post Competition Training
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation
  • ​Concussion Return to Sport Protocol
  • Take Home Workout Programs*

Home Workout Programs

Private Personal Training

30 Min. Single Session                                      $ 30
30 Min. 5 Pass                                                     $135
30 Min. 10 Pass                                                  $270

1 Hr. Single Session                                             $50

​1 Hr. 5 Pass                                                           $225

1 Hr. 10 Pass                                                        $450

Semi Private Personal Training - Per Person

30 Min. Single Session                                     $25
30 Min. 5 Pass                                             $112.50
30 Min. 10 Pass                                                $225

1 Hr. Single Session                                           $40
​1 Hr. 5 Pass                                                         $180
1 Hr. 10 Pass                                                      $360

Boot camp - Max 5 People

1 Hr. Single Session                                         $200
1 Hr. 5 Pass                                                          $980
1 Hr. 10 Pass                                                    $1960

Home Program

15 days - 1 month program                $80
30 days - 2 month program                   $160

Personal Training

Why choose Optimum?

  • Vision Fitness V-Series Bike
  • BH Fitness Treadmill
  • Concept 2 Model D Bike
  • BH – LK Series Elliptical
  • Akfit Flat Utility Bench

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Gym Equipment Available: