Prenatal Massage
Do you know any soon to be mothers who could use a break? Prenatal massage is extremely beneficial to not only the mother but also the little one to come. With our prenatal body massage pillow and adjustable massage table we ensure that comfort is the first priority.

Contemporary Medical Acpuncture
Optimum Health has a new video! Contemporary Medical Acupuncture has been a service that we offer for a while, but we decided to highlight it with this new video. Interested don't hesitate, book now.

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Cold Therapy Ice Bath

Why don't you try us out.  It is brisk but you would be surprised at the results you can achieve with a little ice!!

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Hot Stone Massage

Combining a hot rocks treatment with any massage can decrease tension an stiffness in the muscles while increasing circulation and metabolism.

Why Lymphatic Drainage?

Over the past year Danièle Gervais has obtained her lymphatic drainage certificate.  Her hope is to help people in the Northern community suffering from lymphedema.  For more information about how lymphatic treatment and how it can help you, check out our lymphatic drainage page.  

Couples Massage
Valentines day is fast approaching and we know people are looking for fun ideas. Look no further, Optimum Health Center has reserved the day specifically for couple massage! Come in with a friend, family member, co-worker or anyone you want to show your appreciation to. Don't hesitate as spots are limited! Feel free to call or book online.

Cupping Therapy
Danièle is now certified to perform cupping therapy! Have you ever wondered what cupping therapy entails? Here is a video describing how cupping therapy works, the benefits, and who is ideal to receive treatment. Does this sound like it could be beneficial to you? Don't hesitate, book now!

Check out what Athletic Therapy can do for you!

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