To do our part in protecting the community Optimum Health Center has decided to close our doors for 2 weeks. As of right now we will be re-opening April 1st but will be keeping you posted.

All updates will be posted to our social media.

We thank you for understanding.

To restore or improve circulation, graduated compression garments are often part of a management plan. Compression garments are designed to provide support, assist with circulation, and minimize swelling.  

We specialize in Juzo products of any kind including but not limited to: stockings, sleeves, etc!

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What is included in the Compression Garment Initial Assessment?

  • Free fitting
  • Consultation to discuss what would best benefit you
  • ordering of Compression Garment

Compression Garments

  • Juzo Vendor

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Optimum Health Temporary Closure

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We are offering Virtual Personal Training passes! Let our personal trainers help you stick to your fitness goals with a virtual guided workout. Prior to your workout:

1. Purchase your virtual workout pass by sending an e-transfer to

30 min 5 Pass = 77 $

30 min 10 Pass = 153 $

2. Go online to book an appointment.

3. Send us an email with your home equipment so we can create a personal workout for you in your home:

4. Set up Facebook Messenger on your phone or tablet.

5. Set us up in a place where we can see you and get a guided workout with our certified personal trainers. Get ready for fitness!

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Optimum Health Temporary Closure

Here you can find all updates, upcoming events and promos associated with our personal trainers. We are offering a wide range of services such as; Private Personal Training, Semi-personal Training (max 3 people) as well as Personalized Home Programs. 

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